Apr 10, 2018

Cisco ASA - Wikipedia The ASA 5585-X has a slot for an I/O module. This slot can be subdivided into two half width modules. On the low end models, some features are limited, and uncrippling happens with installation of a Security Plus License. This enables more VLANs, or VPN peers, and also high availability. SonicWall Firewall SSL VPN - License - 100 users | Dell USA SonicWall provides a solution that meets the needs of organizations with demanding remote workforce requirements. SonicWall SSL VPN security solutions, for networks of any size, are simple to deploy and even easier to use for a fraction of the price of most other SSL VPN solutions. Unlike solutions that charge a per-tunnel licensing fee, SonicWall SSL VPN solutions have no restrictions on the

2 Managing Feature Licenses for Cisco ASA 5500 Version 8.3 OL-22174-01 Supported Feature Licenses Per Model † VPN License and Feature Compatibility, page 12 Licenses Per Model This section lists the feature licenses available for each model:

CLI Book 3: Cisco ASA Series VPN CLI Configuration Guide

SonicWall Firewall SSL VPN - License - 100 users | Dell USA

In fact, you even lose the two free SSL VPN licenses that you get for free with an ASA when you purchase it. Additionally, Cisco has written AnyConnect clients for the iPhone and iPad. Cisco ASA 5515-X SSL VPN (Anyconnect) Licensing - Spiceworks May 25, 2018 Cisco ASA 5505, 5510 Base Vs Security Plus License Explained The two smallest ASA Firewall models, the 5505 and the 5510, are the only ones that have two types of licenses.. They can be ordered either with a Base License or a Security Plus License.Many customers of mine are always asking me what the difference is between the two licenses (except from the price of course), so I thought it would be useful to summarize below the differences between the two