Ron and Rand Paul are set today to shift the central focus of their family's long libertarian crusade to a new cause: Internet Freedom. Kentucky senator Rand and his father Ron Paul, who has not yet formally conceded the Republican presidential nomination, will throw their weight behind a new online manifesto set to be released today by the Paul-founded Campaign for Liberty.

Wisconsin Representatives and Net Neutrality – Concordia Dec 11, 2017 Ep. 174 Net Neutrality: A Libertarian View | Tom Woods Ep. 174 Net Neutrality: A Libertarian View. 2nd November 2014 Tom Woods 1. Subscribe To The Tom Woods Show. iTunes. Stitcher. Download MP3. Ron Paul. 12-term U.S. congressman. Tom Woods is one of my dearest allies in the struggle against wrong-headed and … 'Net neutrality' case pressed by Democrats in St. Paul, D ST. PAUL-Minnesota lawmakers in St. Paul and Washington say they're fighting to retain internet neutrality regulations that federal regulators moved to abolish last year.State Rep. Paul Thissen Ep. 351 The Bad Economics of Net Neutrality | Tom Woods

8/23/11 Full show -- East Coast Quake, Net Neutrality

Jun 28, 2007 An Update on Net Neutrality - An Update on Net Neutrality By Sara McKnight | February 13, 2015 | 0 . Last week’s big news in the tech industry was the announcement by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler of his proposal to classify Internet as a telecommunications service using the FCC’s Title II authority under the Communications Act of 1934. Mayors from 12 U.S. Cities Will Refuse Business from Any

Ron Paul Takes Up Internet Freedom With New 'Technology

Ditch Net Neutrality Now - Ron Paul Liberty Report Net Neutrality professes to regulate internet prices in a “neutral” way, as the name implies. This means preventing companies from throttling internet speeds for certain users or charging extra fees for priority service. But the reality of the scarcity of internet bandwidth cannot be legislated away. If Net Neutrality were to become policy Ron Paul explaining why he voted against Net Neutrality Net Neutrality should simply place restrictions on ISPs and empower consumers to challenge ISPs through the Federal Court system. level 1. redditgolem. 37 points · 7 years ago · edited 7 years ago. Here is a summary of what he said,"Net neutrality is federal government initiative so I am againgst it"- ron paul. level 2. WayToFindOut. 8/23/11 Full show -- East Coast Quake, Net Neutrality Aug 23, 2011 Net Neutrality Is Gone. Did You Even Notice? | RealClearPolicy