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Jailbreak PS3 Super Slim and 3000 On 4.86 And install HEN Apr 14, 2020 How to View What Is Stored on the PS3 Hard Drive | Your Scroll up to the "Save Data Utility (PS3)" option in the "Game" section of the XMB and press the "X" button. Inside, you can view all of the PS3 game saves stored on the PS3 hard drive. When you are finished, press the "Circle" button to return to the main menu. PlayStation 3 Secrets - edepot

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PS3: HDMI Picture Problems - PlayStation It may be necessary for you to manually change the Video Output Settings to "HDMI" in order to see a picture. To manually change the Video Output Settings on the PS3: Go to [Settings] in the XMB™ home menu. Go to [Display Settings], then press the [X] button. Highlight [Video Output Settings… How to Access the PS3 secret recovery menu « PlayStation 3

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Oct 20, 2017 · After you've created a profile, you're dropped into the PS3's main menu, known as the Xross Media Bar (XMB). This can be a bit intimidating at first and even a bit difficult to find what you're Oct 26, 2014 · Like if you pick both 720p and 1080p in the Video settings on your PS3, does the Menu load in 1080p? If so, the 1080p is working fine. Most games on the PS3 *do not* play in 1080p, and the ones that say they support it on the back, you have to uncheck the 720P option to force them to play in 1080p.