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[Networking] IPV6 - Verizon FiOS | DSLReports Forums Mar 30, 2018 IPv6 | OpenDNS Why IPv6? IPv6 supports a far larger number of addresses than IPv4, which is why the change is taking place now — since IPv4 was implemented in 1981, the Internet has grown dramatically, and there are no more available IPv4 addresses. How to use IPv6. 1) Verify you have IPv6 Enabled. You can visit Kame to verify you have a working IPv6 IP T-mobile Usa - IP Addresses by Organization ID IP Address ISP Country State City Timezone Browser Operating System Bot/spider; 1: 2607:fb90:56e3:bcab:5988:5026:36c8:da67: T-Mobile USA: United States: California

[Networking] IPV6 - Verizon FiOS | DSLReports Forums

On the other hand, Microsoft, T-Mobile, AARNet, and CERNET have also migrated to IPv6 due to the benefits it offers. However, meeting the requirements of migration from IPv4 to IPv6 needs an inventory of IP addresses/devices and vital DHCP and DNS resources used in organizations. • T-Mobile embraced the concept of IPv6-only, since dual-stack required IPv4 that was not available • NAT64 / DNS64 was a good solution that did not require IPv4 on each client, but some applications failed to work on IPv6-only networks. It is not acceptable to break Skype or Netflix, applications that require IPv4 Dec 20, 2017 · (1) The SIM Card and service would not allow for an IPV6 address (e.g.,Sprint's ZTE Pocket WiFi), (2) The APN was programmed only for an IPV4 address, or, (3) IPV6 is not enabled in the MC7455. Having previously configured a T-Mobile router, I discounted the first possibility. Quickly program your remote, setup email, connect dsl/internet gateways and modems, connect to WiFi, setup parental controls, and solve U-verse TV error messages.

Jun 09, 2015 · I figured it would be worthwhile to contact T-Mobile tech support. They're really pretty good once you get past the script readers to the backroom guys. I thought this problem somehow was related to T-Mobile going all IPV6, and legacy support for IPV4, DNS64, etc by 464XLAT. Or something to do with all that.

For example, T-Mobile USA has more than 90% of its traffic going over IPv6, with Verizon Wireless close behind at 82.25%. Comcast and AT&T have its networks at 63% and 65%, respectively, according