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Ass can mean different things: Another name for a donkey; A person's buttocks (rear end) Calling someone an ass means that they are being rude. It is considered an insult to call someone an ass. Related pages. Jackass; This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Ass. If an Acetylsalicylsäure – Wikipedia ASS wird in Kombination z. B. mit Clopidogrel auch bei Patienten mit frischen Stents in den Herzkranzgefäßen eingesetzt, um einen Verschluss (Stentthrombose) zu vermeiden. Auch bei der Notfallbehandlung des akuten Koronarsyndroms, etwa beim Herzinfarkt, gehört ASS zur Standardtherapie. Psycho-Pass Wiki | Fandom

Aaron Taylor Johnson as Kick-Ass betrayed by red mist Kick Ass meets Red Mist Kick-Ass and Night Bitch Dave and Mindy Kiss before they part ways

This Wiki was founded on August 28, 2012 and so far has 406 pages and 3,128 images. This Wiki contains spoilers for the franchise, so proceed with caution.Psycho-Pass contains graphic content inappropriate for viewers under 13 years of age. Stu (Kick-Ass) | Villains Wiki | Fandom Stu, also called the "Huge Goon", is a supporting antagonist in the 2010 movie Kick-Ass.. He was portrayed by Stu "Large" Riley. Biography. A henchman of Frank D'Amico, he was the only goon guarding Red Mist and Frank D'Amico while Hit Girl killed all the other henchmen except for three that have come with heavier guns. Once Hit Girl runs out of ammo, she is forced to hide somewhere.

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Todd Haynes | Kick-Ass Wiki | Fandom Todd Haynes is one of Dave Lizewski's best friends, and a superhero. He played an extremely minor role in the original Kick-Ass series, but played a much larger role in its sequel. His superhero persona is called Ass-Kicker. Todd exhibits a carefree personality. Unlike Dave, however, he is much more cowardly, like Dave's other good friend, Marty. Buridan's Ass | Fargo Wiki | Fandom Buridan's Ass is the sixth episode of Season 1 of Fargo. The episode premiered on May 20, 2014. Malvo executes his master plan, while Lester attempts to craft one of his own. Gus and Molly team up in Duluth. Ass Phyxiated | 1000 Ways To Die Wiki | Fandom Apr 06, 2005