Another handy trick is you can test bandiwidth both ways by using the -d switch for duel-test. This should be done if your network is full duplex only! If your running half-duplex this is not a good test to do! iperf -c -d This testing was done over an MPLS cloud!

May 27, 2015 Testing network connectivity with ping | Answer | NETGEAR Nov 28, 2016 FREE: CommTest – Test network speed – 4sysops CommTest is a very simple program but is nevertheless quite useful if you want to test the network speed between two computers. All you have to do is start the tool on both machines and then establish a connection from one of the computers to the other by entering the IP address or the domain name. File transfer speed slow between 2 computer's on LAN Apr 20, 2013

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Nov 21, 2011

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