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PlanetSide 2 Escalation Update Is Out, New War Assets Mar 11, 2020 PLANETSIDE 2 – Help Home How do I report a bug in PlanetSide 2? How do I report cheaters and toxic behavior in PlanetSide 2? What are the rules of conduct in PlanetSide 2? How do I mute a player from voice chat in PlanetSide 2? How do Outfits work in PlanetSide 2? Technical See all . What are the minimum system requirements to run PlanetSide 2?

Nov 30, 2012 · PlanetSide 2 is much like Guild Wars 2 - a game that will live or die based on its ability to keep its server populations buzzing. For now though, give or take some nasty server problems, it's

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The PlanetSide 2 EU server moves (Miller and Cobalt) are scheduled to overlap with our Escalation update, and will require bringing EU servers down for 12 hours prior to our game update on the morning of March 11. More details will be posted closer to the date, but we want to give our EU players a heads-up this is coming. Email Sign Up. Sign up now to get insider updates on new features, games and special offers from Daybreak Games. You can unsubscribe in one click. Mar 11, 2020 · Here you will find the complete list of PlanetSide 2 Escalation Update patch notes. I remind you that Daybreak Game Company’s PlanetSide 2 released on November 20, 2012 for PC and on June 23