Sep 22, 2012 · 2. "does my PS3 have wireless?" - all models, except for the old 20GB models have built in wireless. 3. "what is faster wireless or wired?" - Obviously a wired connection is much faster (in most

I've googled the problem and tried several things such as changing the wireless mode from 802.11b/g/n to 802.11b/g, but that doesn't work either. I suspect that the problem may have to do with the PS3 hardware since it's not reading the wireless controllers or wifi, but I don't know how to test that theory. My PS3 model number is CECH-3001B The capabilities of the PlayStation 3 Sony Wireless (PS3) allow you to connect your console to an arbitrary position in a house connected to the Internet via a wireless router. Troubleshooting is usually a simple process that PS3 Connection Wizard, an Internet service and a wireless router. Jan 01, 2008 · Ok, i just got a 80 gig ps3 for my B-Day and now i am trying to set up my wireless internet! but when i go to the setting i do all the steps i put easy get the right WEP Pass and everything, it finds my router fine everything is perfect! but then i get to the IP Adress part and push auto and do auto for everything possible, then it says do test and i say yes. it goes and says finding IP Wireless G (which is what PS3 is) maxes out at 54mb/s while gigabit ethernet (which PS3 is) goes up to 1000mb/s. Even if it's hooked up to a 100mb/s router, it's still better and preferred over wireless. Wired is also not as susceptible to interference like Wireless is which means it has a better chance of reaching it's theoretical limit. Mar 25, 2007 · sumtimes wireless phones or just 2many wireless things on in ur house can cause err to connect to ur ps3 internet if sum1 is on the phone wireless tell them to hang up the phone or anything PS3 Wireless keeps getting disconnected - (‎04-28-2009 08:42 PM) Fios Internet by ABH1990 on ‎04-28-2009 08:42 PM Latest post on ‎04-29-2009 05:43 AM by TimSykes

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Oct 02, 2008 · I'm trying to set up my internet on my PS3 but it's not getting the IP address, I have wireless internet in my room and the signal strength for the PS3 is 90% I'm not really understanding what's going on, other then the IP address part. Set the wireless channel manually, it may take some messing with. My router is a linksys 300n and it's broadcasting on channel 6 but I took a shot in the dark and chose wireless channel 1 for my ps3 and internet came right up. That shouldn't of happened but it did. Good luck. Sony Playstation 3 PS3 Wireless Controller Official Genuine Sixaxis OEM CECHZC01. Blu-Ray Compatible, Wi-Fi Capability, Internet Browsing: Manufacturer Color Dec 23, 2009 · The ps3 has a built-in wireless receiver. U need either a wireless router, or plug in and ethernet cord to ur ps3 from the internet to get internet on ur ps3.

Sony Playstation 3 PS3 Wireless Controller Official Genuine Sixaxis OEM CECHZC01. Blu-Ray Compatible, Wi-Fi Capability, Internet Browsing: Manufacturer Color

Jul 24, 2012 · PS3 - Setting up a Wireless Internet Connection - Duration: 2:25. XTREMEPSPDOTCOM 724,686 views. 2:25. how to Connect PS3 to Wireless Network (Easy Settings) - Duration: 2:20. Aug 24, 2011 · A common woe of the average PS3 owner is the lack of proper internet speeds, a PS3 at stock settings is fairly slow even with Ethernet plugged directly into it, today I will help you clear this Jan 06, 2018 · To know how to connect ps3 to WiFi, ensure that your cellular router is linked to the internet and broadcasting a sign. Use a computer to ensure that router options are complete before turning on the ps3. Start the ps3. To recognize how to connect ps3 to WiFi, Go for settings->network configurations on the xmb and click on the x button. Sep 15, 2017 · The Ethernet cable should be plugged into the "WAN" or "Internet" port on the back of your wireless router. Skip this step if you have a modem/wireless router combo device. Disable the PS3's media server connection.