2020-7-23 · Because iMessage is a completely closed system (unlike email or text messaging), it will likely only ever be integrated into Apple devices - I doubt Apple would even bother developing Android or Windows Phone 7 apps that can use iMessage (despite Google and Microsoft developing apps for iOS).

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iMessage For PC - For Android, PC, Mac, iOS Devices

8. How To Find & Erase iMessage Permanently. Erasing the iMessage app from your device by normal or you can say an easy way can cause you unwanted problems in the future. Someone can easily restore your data on the iMessage app and threat to your privacy without any invitation. iMessage for PC, Windows 7/8/10 and Mac Download - Tech … iMessage For PC Features. 1) Free of cost:-It is the significant advantage as I know that we all have some budget that we need to follow and especially for students we have the lot to do in the little amount of money and hence having a service that is free of cost what else we can ask for.2)Faster than others:-For most of the people time is money, and they will pay more just to get things done

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Find deleted iMessages from all other Apple devices. You can use this method if you have a few Apple devices connected with same Apple ID such as Mac, iPad, etc. Then you can check these other devices to check your iMessage has to sync with it. If deleted iMessage is there, turn off sync and save your important iMessages.