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Harry Potter Face Masks Reveal Marauder's Map When You May 28, 2020 Artist's 'Harry Potter' Face Mask Reveals The Marauder's May 20, 2020

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Basically, this is a FULL Marauders Map with all the floors, and it includes hidden footprints and an alternate cover. Now the ones you can buy which are stated as “official” actually have missing floors and some even have part of one of the floors upside down. Sep 13, 2016 · The real reason Fred and George never saw Peter Pettigrew on the Marauder’s Map. The map only shows the name of Animagi when its user knows about the Animagi. Okay, we’ll explain this Researchers have developed a real world counterpart to Harry Potter's magical marauder's map. The map system was devised at Carnegie Mellon and replaces magic with a bit of computer wizardry. The data from a number of security cameras around a building is analyzed by a set of special algorithms which use facial recognition, color matching and

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here are two templates, if you are using a colored parchment paper and would like one without a background, use the "clear marauders map file" I created or if you're using a white parchment or regular paper use the "Marauders map file" (I did not make these templates I found them from the YouTube channel that I included in this instructable