Russia: US spy suspect can be visited by other countries

American. Convicted of spying for the Soviet Union and Russia. 1994. Life sentence (without parole) David Sheldon Boone. American. Sold secret documents to the Soviet Union and is estimated to have received $60,000 from the KGB. February 26, 1999. 24 Years and 4 Months. Amid Surge in Spying Cases, U.S. Orders China to Close Jul 22, 2020 There's more than the CIA and FBI: The 17 agencies that Jan 17, 2017 CIA used encryption company to spy on other countries for The U.S. and other governments have become extremely cautious of foreign technology that they believe could assume the same role as Crypto AG to spy on sensitive U.S. intelligence information.

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Countries are making coronavirus heat maps, tracking people individually, and making them send selfies as part of a massive increase in surveillance.

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